In order to provide you with the best Twitter coverage, we ask that you approve Trackur as a white listed app. This is done using secure authentication, with no personal information, passwords, or email being transferred to us. We don't actually use your Twitter account for anything, other than telling Twitter that you have asked us to search your keyword on your behalf.

To authenticate with Twitter, please head to Settings and then the Billing tab. You will then click this button:

Until you authenticate your Twitter account, you may not see full monitoring of tweets that match your saved searches.

Authentication needs only be done one time and is only needed for dashboard monitoring plans. You do not need to authenticate for any Profiles under your Ultimate plan.

If you do not have a Twitter account, or do not wish to use your main Twitter account, you can create a new Twitter account and use that--you do not ever need to use the Twitter account, if you do not wish to.

IMPORTANT: After you have authenticated, load your saved search, check the box for Twitter and click search. You will then need to re-save your search.